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Transformed Finance:

The Value of Being a Strategic Business Partner

Imagine a Transformed Finance where leaders from every part of the organization rely upon YOU for meaningful insights to make better decisions and drive performance.

Businesses are like trains. Traditionally, the engine of sales is up front driving the direction, with each car as a business unit, and the caboose of Finance at the back — you know, the one perceived to slow down everything that nobody really understands what it does.

Finance has been seen as a mysterious land of numbers in a world of words. But it’s time for a change.

Meet Jennifer Elder

Based on her experiences as a CFO, management consultant, executive coach, and thought leader at a global speakers bureau, Jennifer Elder is an expert on transforming the caboose of Finance into a powerful second organizational engine, supercharging their efforts and accelerating success.

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Jennifer has the unique ability of being multilingual in business, speaking ‘number’ as well as strategy, all with a laser focus on communication, innovation, and ethics. Think of her as an organization’s conductor, ensuring that all parties know what is happening, where they’re going, and how they are going to get there.

Smart finance professionals understand that Transformed Finance requires a new mindset and skill sets. 

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They need to work WITH the organizational engines and cars, looking forward instead of merely reporting on the past. They must build upon their technical knowledge and expertise by strengthening the essential cross-functional competencies of:

Communication and Storytelling Skills
Digital and Collaboration Skills
Agility and Proactivity Skills
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
Business and Leadership Skills

Jennifer’s executive coaching and speaking helps individuals and teams shift from the underappreciated, old-school, CF-NO archetype of finance into an innovative, pivotal role of CF-GO!

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We are living in a VUCATS world – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous, Technology, and Speed. Doing the same thing the same way in a different environment is insanity.

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As your organization continues to experience a shifting economic landscape, global uncertainty, and changing customer expectations, leaders from every line of business need their finance colleagues to provide more than historical information, they need help to navigate and optimize the future.

They want to understand what MIGHT happen and how to proactively protect the organization. They need trusted counterparts to help them mitigate risk, challenge their thinking, make better decisions, and develop solutions to difficult challenges. The most successful financial professionals add strategic value to every part of the organization while also delivering results and embracing innovation.

Jennifer works with organizations and finance professionals from all over the world to move from technically talented to valued business partners by helping them acquire the “Power Skills of the Future”: Communication, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration. 

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Transformed Finance is here, and Jennifer Elder is your trusted guide to create a unified, streamlined, powerful organization.

It’s time to transform your behind-the-scenes caboose into a powerful success accelerator!

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Holding five certifications in accounting, including three decades as a CPA, and having over fifteen years experience as a CFO, Jennifer Elder understands the struggles of finance professionals.

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