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Be seen. Be heard. Be valued for your expertise.

I help smart financial professionals step out from the shadows to elevate their career.


Solutions for
Finance Teams

Training programs & presentations to improve your team’s communication, customer service, and critical thinking skills.

Solutions for
Finance Professionals

Change the way you’re viewed in your organization by learning how to communicate well, simplify the complex, and tell the story behind the numbers.

jennifer is An experienced keynote speaker on leadership, corporate collaboration, & professional growth.

Whether you are hosting a 1 hour breakout session or an all-day seminar, whether your group is 10 or 1,000, Jennifer will deliver a dynamic, entertaining, and effective keynote presentation!


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Holding five certifications in accounting, including three decades as a CPA, and having over fifteen years experience as a CFO, Jennifer Elder understands the struggles of finance professionals.

By bridging the gap between technical and strategic, Jennifer will transform you into a TRUSTED ADVISOR in your organization.

“Accountants are often seen as the caboose of the train—lagging behind and holding the organization back. In fact they should be seen as another engine—helping move the organization forward faster,” Jennifer says, “It’s a perception problem.”


Articles & insights by Jennifer Elder

What is your personal brand?

Think of your personal brand as how you promote yourself. It refers to your personality, your expertise, and experience in the industry you work in.

How do people perceive you? Is it aligned with how you want people to see you? Take the Personal Branding quiz to find out more about how you can show up authentically as the best version of yourself.